Jonnix.7 is an alternative acoustic rock band. Based out of Toronto, Canada, Jonnix.7 draws their influences from a wide variety of musical styles to create a unique sound blending genre and continues to captivate audiences with their musical talent and artistry.

Jonnix.7 is the brainchild of Jonni X, a talented musician, singer, and songwriter known for soulful voice and introspective lyrics. Jonni X has been putting his heart and soul into his craft since 1996, founding and fronting Fallacy Flow, a rock alternative band, with 2 top 100 hit songs, in Canada, in the late 90’s. Having toured extensively, Jonni X has shared the stage with the likes of Our Lady Peace, Collective soul, The Verve Pipes, The Tea Party, Moist, Creed, the Inbreds, to name a few.

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